"The One Stop Property Shop”

We cater for every need in the Property Market
by using the expertise of the following 3 separate legal entities

We cater for every need in the Property Market
by using the expertise of the following 3 separate legal entities

We cater for every need in the Property Market
by using the expertise of the following 3 separate legal entities


PJ Coetzee Attorneys
The firm was established in 2002 in Pretoria. We moved our offices in 2007 to Langebaan in the Western Cape.
We have expertise in various fields of law. The firm offers the full spectrum of legal services including conveyancing, estate agency law, commercial law, criminal law, general litigation, administration of deceased estates, wills and trusts and family law.

The firm offers an efficient and professional service to its clients through expertise and experience and we put a very high priority on building trusting relationships with our colleagues and clients


PJC Properties
PJC Properties are known for their uncompromising commitment to service and operate under a strict code of conduct. Our superior systems and technology provided by our service providers and personalized service will give you total peace of mind when buying a property.

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our clients both buyers and sellers. We offer various options in order to cater for your personal needs.
We join hands with other estate agencies, bond originators, auctioneers and other service providers in the industry to give you the best possible service. Our properties are being advertised on relevant platforms.


PJC Auctioneers
We have designed a complete online platform in line with international trends.
We found that although this was appreciated many of the clients are still “old school” and did not want to fully engage in an interactive website, they still wanted a personal touch and communication.
Thus we designed a system which is in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and provide the best of “old school” personalised service and online technology combined.
Why sell your property by an auction, or for that matter why buy a property on auction.

The answer is simple, it is the quickest way to get willing sellers and buyers to come to an agreement. In this regard the selling of property by public auction is fast gaining recognition worldwide as the most efficient and quickest way to buy and sell property.


The whole process of auctioneering provides the seller and the buyer with numerous advantages.

  1. Both parties have in effect the opportunity to bargain during the whole process.
  2. As a result of high impact, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns over a relatively short period buyers approach sellers instead of waiting on the market.
  3. Auctions generally result in quick sales, sellers don’t wait weeks or months for offers to come in as with conventional marketing methods.
  4. Buyers know that an auction presents an opportunity at a certain given time for them to acquire a property at a good price.
  5. The seller can choose whether to accept the winning bid on the day of the auction. This can be done by setting a reserve price on the property and the offer to purchase open for a period of time, before accepting or rejecting the offer.
  6. An auctioneer will help a seller in determining a reserve price in looking at all the circumstances surrounding the auction.
  7. Auctions create urgency, the fact that a time is set for an auction to take place means buyers compete intensly to win the bid and take their opportunity.
  8. Auctions attract qualified buyers, people who have the means and the desire to purchase the property.
  9. The fact that only certain dates are allocated as to when the property can be inspected by prospective buyers makes it a lot easier on the seller.
  10. An auctioneer focuses on a specific property at a given time and puts all his energy in to marketing this property in order to get a great deal for the individual parties.

We will provide an excellent service to all our clients in reaching great deals.